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Why Use Our SEO Services

Why Us – Simply Follow the Daily SEO Task List & Blueprint for Results.

Seo Management Tool was designed to provide simple yet effective daily internet marketing blueprint for the people who really need it–individuals, companies and webmasters with big ideas and online businesses.

  • Costs Less Than An Agency – Seo Management Tool is available for a fraction of the cost of an internet marketing agency. Cut costs without sacrificing quality SEO results…Seo Management Tool gives you the tools of professionals!
  • Web-Based – With no complicated or bulky external software required, login online to optimize your site whenever and wherever you want!
  • User-Friendly – No experience required! Seo Management Tool walks you through easy, relevant SEO tasks that are assigned based on your industry and chosen keywords.
  • Up-To-Date – Automatic software updates ensure you are utilizing the most current SEO methods.
  • Transparent – Know how, where, and when your site is being optimized.
  • Not Just a Toolbox – Expert guides, step-by-step instructions, and industry know-how – we don’t just give you the tools, we show you how to use them.

SEO Management Tool is committed to providing local business websites with a structured Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Blueprint. Our low cost Do it Yourself SEO monthly services  helps sites achieve top search rankings by fulfilling each part of the fast-growing SEO algorithm with targeted local keywords and competitor keyword, backlinks, and search insight..

SEO has emerged as one of the most important factors in search engine marketing. It enables websites to achieve top ranking in organic search results by utilizing and converting top organic and behavior based SEO keywords, in turn substantially increasing unique visitors and revenue.

SEO Management Tool specializes in achieving local keyword dominance for our client’s websites by fulfilling the 100+ parts of our internally developed SEO software and SEO management tool algorithm over time. All assigned projects are done in-house, and all projects are outlined and directly supervised by an assigned project Manager. When you choose SEO Management Tool, you receive a tailor made SEO Blueprint from A-Z service, not someone we trained or sub contracted to do your work for you, or give you a quick fix.A true play by play blueprint and daily reporting.

With our proven easy to use SEO Management Tool and our CEO Andre Leftwich’s remarkable SEO background, we can take control of your industry’s traffic of major organic converting keywords and position your site to be seen! If you’re looking for real results or to be at the top of the major keywords on organic search in your industry, then SEO Management Tool delivers measurable and unsurpassed results.

Why buy Keywords on PayPerClick, when you can use local SEO to your advantage and “own” the keywords over time? Join us to obtain the keywords you need on organic search is a smart and measurable move and that will insure you don’t “rent” the keywords you need forever on PPC! This makes SEO Management Tool a low cost and financially sound long-term option, saving thousands of marketing dollars.

SEO Management Software and Seo Management Tools are unique: we can optimize every page on your website as its own “landing page.” Landing page optimization is the future of SEO and Search and is completely understood by Andre Leftwich. With SEO Management Tool’s proprietary sofeware and individual and landing page optimization implementation, you will notice an increase in unique visitors on each individual page, instead of just the main page. This is what we all looking for: more “unique visitors,” not “hits” or “page views!”

We provide help to company owners, CEO’s, CMO’s, VP’s, SEO Managers, SEO Analysts, SEO Junior Specialists and Internet Marketing Managers accross the country. Our clients range from small businesses to large corporations and span all industries.

We are one of the only SEO Management Software in the country that can guarantee our work, with keywords and a blueprint and timelines of achievement.