Targeted Local Advertising

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Targeted Online Advertising – Local Search Marketing

Our  SEO Management Service provides a full-service and targeted organic advertising solution for Google, Yahoo, MSN and We build the keyword lists, write the ad copy, test the web pages, and use our proprietary SEO-management platform to maximize online exposure within our client’s efficiency objectives.

As an  SEO Client, you’ll benefit from:

The power of our targeted local search SEO platform.

Our proprietary SEO technology for creating, tracking, managing, and optimizing large search campaigns is unique in the industry for three reasons: it works, it scales, and it isn’t a black box. Our tools can track every click, visit, phone call, and item, allowing us to monitor and optimize advertising spend versus resulting sales. But the most important is our platform measures your online positioning and your competitions.

The expertise of a dedicated Project Analyst.

We strive to offer our clients effective results through unusually attentive service. We believe it’s important to have the client-facing person also be the project analyst, not simply a liaison. We believe that providing the client with a login to access daily task and reporting reassures our clients of our ability to manage the ins and outs of a specific campaign provides trust and produces better results for our clients.

Each Project Analyst is responsible for no more than 5 major client accounts, ensuring that each account gets enough attention to produce exceptional results. Each Project Analyst has a Senior Analyst Team Leader to provide additional insight and support as needed.

Your Project Analyst works closely with your marketing team to plan, build, post, track, and optimize all online marketing efforts and search campaigns. Your Analyst will collaborate with your internal marketing team via regular phone meetings. Your Analyst runs our tools on your behalf. This frees your marketing and sales force from the tedious details, saving them for higher-value marketing and merchandising work.

The clarity of our comprehensive reporting.

Our reporting platform integrates all your search efforts and your competition efforts across all the engines and relevant web venues into one convenient set of unified reports.

We provide clients with logins to view daily reports regarding their campaigns, their keyword phrases, their rankings and the overall progress of their online advertising. Beyond regular reports, at your request, your Analyst will conduct detailed analytics reporting against our efforts, answering questions not covered in our standard reports.

We understand the difference between data and information. To save you time, your PM analyzes each report before sending it you, highlighting key results and suggesting next-steps.

Like to see samples of our reports? Just give us a call. 1-877-363-8379

The comfort of our SEO contract-friendly approach.

Our standard SEO agreement is contract-friendly, providing a 30-day out, without cause. We retain our Clients through superior results and service, not long-term binding contracts.

Our tracking system was designed from the bottom-up to provide simple reporting and measurable results to our SEO clients. Most clients report that crawling their site was straight-forward, typically taking 24 hours or less.

We support all web site analytics tracking tags, off-the-shelf and home brew. If you want inbound search traffic to your site tagged a certain way, to just about any level of detail, we can do it. (Our platform maintains all the data for our reporting and optimization, so if you aren’t running a site analytics package, that’s fine too.)

Thank You - CEO/ Founder Andre Leftwich

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