Targeted Online Advertising – Local Search Marketing Our  SEO Management Service provides a full-service and targeted organic advertising solution for Google, Yahoo, MSN and We build the keyword lists, write the ad copy, test the web pages, and use our proprietary SEO-management platform to maximize online exposure within our client’s efficiency objectives. As an  [...]

The following 5 Steps explain how to create your own SEO optimized subpage for a keyword of your choice. Step 1: Choose your keyword phrase Determine a behavioral based keyword phrase that your target audience would consistently search to find the products/services offered on your website. Step 2: Create a page for your selected keyword [...]

SEO Tips: How To Pick The “Right” Keywords Picking the right keyword phrases is perhaps the most important step in creating a successful SEO / Search Engine Optimization campaign. Why? Because if you pick the right keywords, they will drive the right traffic (if you rank well for them of course!). So let’s learn how [...]